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Yi Jing

Lu - Treading [Conduct]

     10.  Lu - Treading [Conduct]

above     Ch'ien The Creative, Heaven
below     Tui    The Joyous, Lake

     The Judgement

          Treading. Treading upon the tail of the tiger.
          It does not bite the man. Success.

     The Image

          Heaven above, the lake below:
          The image of Treading.
          Thus the superior man discriminates between high and low,
          And thereby fortifies the thinking of the people.

     The Lines

          Nine at the beginning means:
          Simple conduct. Progress without blame.

          Nine in the second place means:
          Treading a smooth, level course.
          The perseverance of a dark man
          Brings good fortune.

          Six in the third place means:
          A one-eyed man is able to see,
          A lame man is able to tread.
          He treads on the tail of the tiger.
          The tiger bites the man.
          Thus does a warrior act on behalf of his great prince.

          Nine in the fourth place means:
          He treads on the tail of the tiger.
          Caution and circumspection
          Lead ultimately to good fortune.

          Nine in the fifth place means:
          Resolute conduct.
          Perseverance with awareness of danger.

          Nine at the top means:
          Look to your conduct and weigh the favorable signs.
          When everything is fulfilled, supreme good fortune comes.