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Yi Jing

  Lin - Approach

     19.  Lin - Approach

above     K'un   The Receptive, Earth
below     Tui    The Joyous, Lake

     The Judgement

          Approach has supreme success.
          Perseverance furthers.
          When the eighth month comes,
          There will be misfortune.

     The Image

          The earth above the lake:
          The image of Approach.
          Thus the superior man is inexhaustible
          In his will to teach,
          And without limits
          In his tolerance and protection of the people.

     The Lines

          Nine at the beginning means:
          Joint approach.
          Perseverance brings good fortune.

          Nine in the second place means:
          Joint approach.
          Good fortune.
          Everything furthers.

          Six in the third place means:
          Comfortable approach.
          Nothing that would further.
          If one is induced to grieve over it,
          One becomes free of blame.

          Six in the fourth place means:
          Complete approach.
          No blame.

          Six in the fifth place means:
          Wise approach.
          This is right for a great prince.
          Good fortune.

          Six at the top means:
          Greathearted approach.
          Good fortune. No blame.