Wuwei Foundation Mission Statement

The Wuwei Foundation exists to promote the integration of Eastern and Western wisdom traditions into the daily life of human beings, for the purpose of improving their health, increasing their social and cultural well-being, and advancing both personal and collective spiritual attainment. 

 The predominant method of achieving these goals is education. The primary activity of the Foundation will be to conduct classes, seminars and workshops, as well as provide support for affiliates who will do the same, on topics that relate to the stated goals of the Foundation. As a secondary activity, the Foundation will provide infrastructure support or employment for individuals who desire to engage in health related practices that have a strong educational component in areas pertinent to the goals of the Foundation. 

The Foundation chooses a non-profit organization as its vehicle so that it may employ its resources to the advancement of its goals without having primary fiduciary responsiblity to its members, associates, affiliates or sponsers. It does recognize that such compensation is at times both necessary and desirable, and will provide such compensation when reasonable and appropriate, as in the case of service providers, consultants and payrolled employees.