Wuwei Foundation

Taiji Qigong

28 Steps

  1. Regulating the breath
  2. Opening the chest
  3. Dancing with the rainbow
  4. Separating the clouds with swinging arms
  5. Back rolling of upper arm in fixed stance
  6. Rowing boat in lake center
  7. Supporting ball in front of the shoulder
  8. Turning the body to gaze at the moon
  9. Turning waist and pushing palm
  10. Horse riding stance with hands moving in the clouds
  11. Dredging the sea and looking at the sky (left and right)
  12. Regulating upward and downward movement
  13. Pushing and reinforcing the waves (left and right)
  14. Soothing the chest and abdomen with qi
  15. Flying pigeon spreading the wings (left and right)
  16. Double dragons spiralling on the pillar
  17. Grasp sparrow's tail (left and right)
  18. Carrying and filling with qi
  19. Closed palms in horse-riding stance
  20. Stretching the arm while charging the fist
  21. The flying big wild goose
  22. The rotating flywheel
  23. Three yin arm meridians (chest to hands, left and right)
  24. Three yang arm meridians (hands to head, left and tight)
  25. Three yang leg meridians (head to feet, left and right)
  26. Three yin leg meridians (feet to head, left and right)
  27. Bouncing a ball while stepping
  28. Regulating qi in ren and du meridian